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The aim of this course is to assist you in achieving beautiful interior and exterior design for your new home. We will also provide you with a skill that you can take away with you and use time and time again – no matter what the project –building, renovating or simply re-decorating. It’s about giving you the confidence to use your in-built sense of design – even if you don’t believe you have one, we’ll find it!



Module One is all about colour and of the twelve on-line modules, is one of the most important.
DIY Designer will help you gain a greater understanding of the awesome power of colour and how you can harness it to get the absolute best results for your project!
The course will teach you how to use colour to change the visual shape, size, temperature and mood of the rooms.
Speed designing

Speed designing

Our speed designing module is where you get to play interior designer. We give you seven colour schemes to choose from and ask you to complete any three which is all great practice for the most important project of all – yours. This gives you an insight into several different styles and also to prepare you for building your own finishes board. It also takes you right out of your comfort zone; when it comes to design, that’s a really great thing!
My colour scheme – exterior and interior

My colour scheme - exterior and interior

Learn how to select exterior and interior materials, colours and finishes for your project. We will also teach you how to blend the two schemes together, to create the start of a beautiful home. By the end of this module you'll have a deeper knowledge of how to put different schemes together.
Tiles & flooring

Tiles & flooring

In this section, we'll teach you how to get the very best out of your tiling and show you some clever ways of making your areas look even larger, just by the way you arrange your tiles. To help you make your tile selections easier, we also give you some great tips for when the time comes to purchase your tiles.
Cabinets – Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom & Laundry Design

Cabinets - Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom & Laundry Design

Here we master: Kitchen Design, Pantry Design, Outdoor Kitchen Design, Laundry Design, Ensuite, Bathroom & Powder Room Design. As these are some of the most important areas of your home, we need to dedicate time to each of these spaces. We will look at some practical layouts, styles and designs and work on how you can incorporate these into your project.
Bathrooms – sanitary ware

Bathrooms - sanitary ware

Now that your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms are almost complete, this is where you’ll start to make decisions about basins & bath ware, tap ware and accessories. In this module, DIY Designer will guide through the decision making process, to help you coordinate the accessories which will finish off your bathrooms.


It's time to look at the features of the different types of flooring materials and how they can work within your project. Choosing flooring materials is often one of the most challenging aspects of interior design, and in this module, we will guide you through this process, while teaching you about the many different flooring materials available.
Bill of materials & mood board

Bill of materials & mood board

Here we teach you how to create your own finishes board step by step. The finishes board is a visual display of your home’s scheme, materials, fabrics, furniture and other selections. The bill of materials is one of the most important items you’ll have during your project as it contains a detailed list of everything you have chosen for your home – inside and out. This is what you provide suppliers and builders for quotation or final list of design features.
Lighting & electrical

Lighting & electrical

Lighting and electrical layouts for your home can create a fabulous atmosphere in your home and garden. In this module we will teach you how to create a great lighting scheme for all seasons, and how to plan your electrical layout. We also take a look at the latest in kitchen appliances and the features and benefits of each.
Furnishing your home – inside & out

Furnishing your home - inside & out

This module is a lot of fun. We cover furniture styles, furniture arrangement, what to look for inside and out, and so much more. While you're on this module, take a look at some of our suppliers and the wonderful ranges and offers available for our members.
Windows & doors

Windows & doors

There are so many varied styles of doors and windows and even more ways to dress them. This module covers all you'll need to know to help you make the right choices. And if you feel you need a little extra help, simply book a one on one appointment with Jill.
Staging your home – for life or sale

Staging your home - for life or sale

Get that display home feeling every time you walk into your own home. Whether you're designing to stay or wanting to prep your home for sale, you'll be able to give each room the WOW factor, plus pick up some pretty handy tips along the way.


Need a bit of guidance or hands on ideas? Jill can help you. Jill’s vast years of experience can give you the boost you need to bring your project to life.

Just book a consultation with Jill and she will assist you with any part of the project you’re working on. There are packages available, so why not get one-on-one assistance for your project from an experienced industry professional?

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Once you’ve completed your DIY Designer Course, you will have gained confidence and skills to apply to future projects. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still here to help you! When you’re a DIY Designer member, you’re able to log back in at any time and pick up that information to apply to your new project.

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